SunFX Natural Spray Tan

SunFX ALL Natural Tan

SUNFX: Pure ingredients. Premium results

Customized Airbrush Spray Tan $47
9 tans for price of 8 + tan extender product Savings Bundle $391

What is distinctive about the SUNFX tanning?

We provide a customized Airbrush spray technique and selection of natural color to best achieve your desired look. There is no streaking and we are able to apply it to enhance the contours of your body.

Does it turn orange?

No, we do not want you to turn orange. SUNFX has Green tea and it counteracts any "orange". There are different beautiful tones of tan, but orange does not occur with SUNFX tan with proper care.

It is Natural products…what are the ingredients?

It contains organic Aloe Vera, Organic Green Tea, Natural coconut derivatives, Vitamin A, C & E, Eco-certified DHA, organic carmel and purified water

Are there any alcohols, preservatives, mineral oils, artificial perfumes, parabens or smelly odors?

In short, NO

How long does it take?

While we schedule 15 minutes, the tanning takes 5 minutes.

Can the tanning be done after a facial or body skin treatment?

You should wait 1-2 days after that to get your tan.

Are there any packages, specials or memberships we offer?

Each tanning session is $47. We offer a Bundle of 9 tans w/1 travel size Summer’s Secret Lotion as tan extender product for the price of $391 that you can use anytime, which gives you one for free and the discounted product.

How long does it last?

It lasts 5-7 days, but will last longer with tan extender products.

Are there products that enhance the SUNFX after application?

Yes, so be sure to learn about the options. There is a tan extender called Summer’s Secret Lotion and there is a travel and regular size.

SUNFX: The perfect tan in 5 minutes. 760.697.1460