Quattra Via: Salon, Spa, and Inner Beauty Gallery

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What is Quattra Via? Watch and find out!

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Air: Sky and Clouds

Containing North and Winter, reminds us to appreciate the people, time and learnings that have come before us.

Quattra Via Air

Earth: Green leaves

Containing East and Spring, reminds us of new beginnings. It helps nourish our spirit and rejuvenate our minds.

Quattra Via Earth

Fire: Yellow / Orange flames

Containing South and Summer, reminds us of the importance of acting on our emotions and living vibrantly.

Quattra Via Fire

Water: Rays of sunlight through water

Containing West and Fall, it is the constant changing states of our existence. Water is a necessity for life.

Quattra Via Water

Welcome to Quattra Via. Come Live and Play in your Element.

Once you try the Elemental Beauty Gallery that is Quattra Via you will never go back.

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